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Published on Jul 02nd, 2024 05:37 pm

Check out our referral contest for July. To enter the competition you must fund your account to earn BONUS REWARD. Use your referral link to start inviting others to join  PTCFORYOU2. If at the end of July 31st 2024 midnight you have the most people signed up, you'll win top prize $5 USD multiply by what you funded your account with.

BONUS: If you fund your account during the competition and you win any of the 5 prizes, depending on how much you fund your account with, you will earn the prize multiply by how much you funded your account. You must fund it before the 15th of the month to be able to earn the BONUS REWARD. However you if you don't fund your account before the 15th of this month, you will earn the prize but it won't be multiplied. So fund early and start promoting your affiliate link to bring in more people. Win the COMPETITION and earn what you fund your account with multiply by your WINNINGS. START TODAY.

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